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Sunday, August 2, 2009

LO Gift and SGD Challenges

Hello everyone !
Hope u all had a wonderful weekend :). These are my layouts for this SGD challenges, Surprise at SuzyQScraps and 2 gift layout which I made for my cuz - Vicky. Had so much fun ! Ok, here is the run-down on details of the challenges
(click on the links to see what the challenge is all about):

Really! all Grown-up! : This one is for the ScrapperGirl Designs - Monday Mystery Challenge

Scrapping Digitally : Made this for the ScrapperGirl Designs - Tuesday WordArt Challenge

Plant Designs inspired by a GUY : submitting this for the ScrapperGirl Designs - Template Challenge Thursday

Rock 'n Roll : submitted for Get a Surprise from SuzyQScraps

Hope u all like them :). (Click on the image to see a bigger view.)
SGD Challenges


Vicky's Gift LOs


Credits for :
Really! all Grown-up! : Emily Giovanni, Pimpd, Poupoune, Michelle Batton
Scrapping Digitally : Stacey Towers, Scrapper Girl Designs
Plant Designs inspired by a GUY : Scrapper Girl Designs, Suzy Q Scraps
All smiles : Sweet Shoppe Designs, Mlle Héloïse, Jessica Sprague, Lindsay Jane Designs, Mag Design, DigiScrapub, Gunhild Storeide, Janelle Gustafson, Scrapper Girl Designs, Ziggle Designs & Kami Leonard, De Crow Designs, Cali
Rock 'n Roll : Scrap Anges, krista, Scrapper Girl Designs, Krystal Hartley, Suzy Q Scraps

Click on the links below to see where they have also been published :
Really! all Grown-up!, Scrapping Digitally, Plant Designs inspired by a GUY, Rock 'n Roll


Carole N. said...

What wonderful layouts!! Binty, you really are an artist when it comes to designing layouts. They are always so unique and so informative. I love how they tell a story and are not just photos stuck into a layout.

I love the "all grown up" layout. What a fantastic idea. I would love to do that for our son. I love how the "Scrapping Digitally" really shares a part of who you are. Such a great layout.

All your layouts are amazing. Thanks for sharing them.

I had to have a procedure done on my back last Thur. and haven't felt well (lots of pain) so I am playing catch-up today.

Big Hugs!

Judy said...

Great layouts. I love to see how others express themselves in their layouts and I then learn different ways of doing things.