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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Template Challenge Entry for ScrapperGirlDesigns

This is my first challenge entry :).. I love templates and I loved the template which was for put up for this week's
Thursday Template challange at

I had lots of fun making it :). I plan to take part every week, I hope :). Ok this is my Entry :).

Credits : Girls gone Scrappy - "Chillaxin" Kit - geniaBeana Scraps, Happy Family Scraps, Amy Sumrall,
Jady day Studio, Cathy K Designs

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ScrapperGirl said...

I love what you did with the template! Thanks so much for joining in, I hope to see you next week!

Here is your participation prize, enjoy!

Carole N. said...

What an inspiring layout. I LOVE that you took three photos that moved you, yet didn't have to tell a certain story. I think too often we feel that our layouts have to be more definitive. Your photos are amazing and how lucky you are to be able to capture such wonderful artworks.

I live in a very very small town in SW Kansas. There are no artworks to capture, but I find beauty in the wheat fields (when they aren't hailed out) and the fields of sunflowers nodding their heads in the wind.

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous and inspiring layout.

Big Hugs!