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Monday, May 25, 2009

Meet Mahati

This is our first niece Mahati. She is currently 6 years old. She is Parag's sister's girl.
Very sweet, naughty, imaginative, creative, movie-fan, out-going, and all at 6 yrs. :).
Made this 4x6 album just to capture her uniqueness since the day she was born...:).. Enjoy !








Credits : This is a 4x6 format album and I have used the graphics from all these wonderful designers :
Kits from : Enchanted Studio Scraps, Numb BUM, Summer Driggs, Sarah Bisel, Jessica Sprague, Shannon, Stacey Towers.
Other Stuff : Gunhild Storeide
Templates : Hedonism23, Crystal Wilkerson, Andrea Gold, Computer Tricks magazine, Jessica Sprague, Michaele Burkhart, DittersDoodles

1 comment:

Carole N. said...

Your album of Mahati is lovely and what a wonderful keepsake.

Thanks for sharing.

Big Hugs!