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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mon and Tina's Wedding

I dedicate this album to my only blood brother Mon and his newly wedded wife Tina. And hey i found "DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING". Oh man! its so coool.. I love it. Its very easy. It ofcourse took me like 2 days to learn how to use it and 1 day to download all the free kits i could get my hands on. :).. and this is my digital album i made. I love it. Here it is :

Enjoy !






Size : 5 X 7
Main Ingredient : Photoshop Elements 7.0, free kits from Shabby Princess and creating keepsakes, brushes from (I love this site)

1 comment:

Carole N. said...

Binty, what a lovely wedding ablum.
Mon and Tina are such a beautiful couple. I loved seeing all the costumes and your photos are wonderful. I saw a show on TV where a bride had her hands painted in preparation for her wedding and it was very interesting to learn of a custom that is different from mine.

Thanks for sharing yet another lovely album.