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Thursday, July 2, 2009

This week's ScrapperGirlDesigns Challenge entries

Hello everyone !
These are my layouts for this week's challenges at "Scrapper Girl Designs". What a ride !
First time I ever used a QP (for anything) and did the most difficult template I have ever done (wow, time consuming, but fun!).
Ok, here is the run-down on details of the challenges (click on the links to see what the challenge is all about):

Chocolate Factory : *tough template. Fun!*. This one is for the Template Challenge Thursday

Mon's first Job Celebration : Made this for the Monday Mystery Challenge - 1234

4th of July Freedom : This is the QP adapted *most easiest page ever done*. This is for Wordart Challenge Tuesday

Hope u all like them :). (Click on the image to see a bigger view.)


Credits for :
Chocolate Factory : Scrapper Girl Designs, Shannon, Numb BUM, Angelica E, geniaBeana Scraps, Michelle A. Batton
Mon's first Job Celebration : Red Leaf DigiScrapping, Sarah Bennett, Shannon
4th of July Freedom : QP by Rachness Designs, other elements by Kayla Lamoreaux, Scrapper Girl Designs

Click on the links below to see where they have also been published :
Chocolate Factory, Mon's first Job Celebration, 4th of July Freedom


Carole N. said...

Fabulous layouts, Binty. I think it's very hard to photograph firework displays. Since we will be gone on the 4th I won't get to practice this year.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the templates, I rarely see a 5x7 sizes so I had to grab them. I appreciate your sharing.